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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Programming Language Update

Ranked by exposure level, though not necessarily level of mastery:
Java: a major NLP system for Hobbs, school projects, enterprise application development at SCME.
C++: School projects, namely operating systems and compilers course.
Scheme: Abelson and Sussman lectures / projects, statistical NLP project, lots of experimentation.
JavaScript: You know, for all that stuff.
Common Lisp: Natural language generation assignment for NLP.
Objective-C: Beginnings of a text editor, an interpreter, some tutorials.
C: School projects, robotics class.
Ruby: The requisite Rails experimentation and subsequent boredom, Lexical semantics project for which it was poorly suited. Former PHP Rubinistas: it's not that great! Don't drop your PowerBook in your rush to buy TextMate.
Flash ActionScript: Self-drawing interface from XML files for SCME, back in the day.
Perl: Lexical semantics project re-implementation, read the camel book, occasional shell scripts.
Scala: Denial that I'd have to program in Java. Some XML manipulating code / experimentation.
PHP: Not a fan.
Haskell: Part of The Haskell School of Expression.
MUMPS*: Dear InterSystems Caché, you're going to need a better disguise for you FORTRAN-era language guys.
Goo*: Object-oriented lisp-like language. Another Lisp to language in obscurity.
OCaml*: Latest prospect. I need a functional language that isn't Haskell or Scheme.
Io**: Cool looking prototype with no reserved words. What JavaScript could have been.
Arc***: We're waiting Mr. Graham. Looks like it really will be the 100 year language.
(* no coding experience, but more than an hour's reading)
(** 30-60 minutes of reading)
(*** vaporware)

Ranked by coolness:
Java + Eclipse + A billion .jar files

Ranked by lameness or other personal beefs:
BPEL (a language composed of lexically scoped hype)
Perl (has its place I suppose, a very small one, in my life)

Most active lately:

Hot on the radar:


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